A Night Out on the Town


A Night Out on the Town.

It’s finally Friday and you’ve been looking forward to this day all week! Working 9-5 can make anybody feel confined to their workplace. So, why not plan something fun?

Whether you’re planning a night out with your gals or going out with that special someone, I’ve styled this ensemble to give you an idea of what to wear for either occasion.

The Abigail Dress was inspired by Spring/Summer nights. It’s both flirty and sophisticated enough to make you feel comfortable in any setting. I’ve paired it with our Ponte Moto Jacket in case your night gets a little chilly. (It’s better to be prepared!) For accessories, a bold color like gold can add the final touch to a light color outfit like this one, plus it looks fab with the blue check and navy YSL heels!

If you’re looking for something more minimal and less flashy, then the Nico Tunic paired with the Seamed Pant would make for another great outfit. These garments are both made from Ponte and holds it’s shape enough to deter wrinkles. The Nico Tunic has a ribboning detail on both sides that adds a little bit of character to this top.

So get your gals or special someone on board, call an Uber and hit the town! Cheers to a great Friday night!

I’d like to hear your thoughts on these shifts! Let’s start a conversation on social: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Be sure to use the hashtag #RRTravel. Happy travels!

One thought on “A Night Out on the Town

  1. I want to be able to see more of the cute summer dresses you’ve been teasing us with! Are they just in the idea phase or available? also love the white tunic!


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