The Perfect Summer Shifts

The Perfect Summer Shifts

The Perfect Summer Shifts

It’s vacation time! You’ve planned a trip to a beachside resort this summer. You can’t wait to spend your days with your feet in the sand, reading that book you always put off, and the sounds of waves crashing down in the background.

This is your moment of Zen.

You’ve planned your whole trip ahead of time; zip lining down to the coast, snorkeling with sea turtles, a sunset dinner cruise, getting that tan you’ve always wanted, and most importantly – relaxing at the beach. So, what should you pack? Bikini/swimwear and comfortable sandals are a must. And I’ve got the perfect Ryan Roberts shifts for you to pair them with.

The 6430 Amanda Shift makes for an easy and comfortable dress for any occasion you might have while on vacation. Need something to wear to dinner, or something to explore the nearby town? Pair this dress with cute wedge or open-toed heels, and you’re ready to go. You could even take this dress down to the beach. It’s 100% cotton and is very low maintenance, so the sand will easily come off with a swipe of the hand.

The WD-100 Sandra Tunic was inspired by resort-wear. It’s made from linen so it won’t stick to the skin. It’s ideal for humid areas and will keep you cool and fresh throughout your travels. This tunic also makes for the perfect cover-up. Wear it over your bikini after swimming or sunbathing and you’re ready to go wherever with your wavy beach hair!

I’d like to hear your thoughts on these shifts! Let’s start a conversation on social:

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Happy travels!

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